Like the constantly evolving business landscape we seek to celebrate, the Digital Awards are always considered a work-in-progress. The list below outlines our current categories, with a brief description of our judges’ criteria to help you form your entries.


Our flagship category, which takes into account aesthetics, useability, accessibility, content, innovation, frequency of updates, responsiveness, quality of craft and overall experience. Any entry to a website sub-category (e.g. Lifestyle & Culture) is automatically entered into the Website category.

Website: Marketing & Creative

The Website: Marketing & Creative category is open to agencies, studios and individuals looking to enter a full website or mini-site. Innovation, content and aesthetics are considered particularly important to our judges here.

Website: Tourism & Hospitality

A far-reaching category open to restaurants, hotels, tourist spots, events and the like, our judges will be looking for strong content and imagery to evoke a true sense of the site’s subject matter.

Website: Lifestyle & Culture

Many websites fall under the Lifestyle & Culture category, but the ones our judges will consider the most successful will be rich in value to the user, and sympathetic to a subject matter which may be considered niche or unusual.

Website: Sports & Entertainment

The Sports & Entertainment category is open to the likes of sports teams, events and musicians. Our judging panel will be looking to see that important information is readily available, backed as one would expect in this category with excellent content and imagery.

Website: B2B

Website: B2B covers all manner of websites from a huge range of industries – but our judges will be keeping one eye firmly on your website’s ability to showcase your products or services and serve your target business audience.

Online Retailer

Online Retailer is open to any website which incorporates e-commerce in some way – whether that is as a small part of your operation or your entire business model. Judges will be looking for an intuitive sales process and expertly laid out storefront.

Website: Small Business

Website: Small Business is open to any company or organisation with five employees or less. The judging panel are keen to see evidence through the website of your team’s contribution to your success, both on and offline.

Blog: Business

The Blog category is open to any company or individual underpinning their core activities with content marketing. Our judges are keen to see frequently updated, well composed posts that offer true value to your audience.

Use of Social Media for Business

Our category for Use of Social Media for Business is currently open to organisations making use of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Our judges are keen to see innovative use of the platforms, and will be looking at engagement, frequency of updates, content quality and overall presentation.

Use of Video for Business

The Use of Video for Business category welcomes two specific types of entry – a portfolio of work for a client or range of clients presented within a channel, or a single video for a campaign. Naturally, it is easier to showcase a wider range of skills across multiple videos, but a single campaign can be powerful in its own way. Cinematography, value of content and presentation are all important here.

Special Categories


Future is currently rolled out only as part of the Essex Digital Awards, where we work closely with Essex County Council to identify a handful of exceptional youngsters who have made a significant contribution through their digital work.


The Spirit category is an invitational award selected by the Digital Awards in each area to recognise exceptional effort to promote that area, underpinned by digital work. In particular, recipients of this award have worked hard to bring business to their area from further afield.