SURREY: “The Night That I Struck Gold at SDA17” by DadBlogUK

John Adams of Dadbloguk talks us through the moment he won the top award for Best Blog at the Surrey Digital Awards 2017 and what receiving the accolade means for him, both professionally and personally.

“I can clearly remember the moment Dadbloguk was read out as Gold Blog Award winner at last year’s Surrey Digital Awards. The Bronze and Silver awards had been handed out.

“I thought the Gold award was completely beyond my grasp. With the previous awards winners having returned to their seats, I turned to my friend Andy and said: ‘Well that’s it, I’m not going to win.’

“Only thing is, I was greatly mistaken. There were some amazing blogs on the shortlist and more to the point, some incredibly well-established Surry businesses. I didn’t think I stood a chance against them but I went home with Gold.

“So what does this mean for me? First of all, it enabled me to put a stake in the ground as a Surrey-based business. The truth of the matter is, I operate a web-based business so my clients are all over the world: China, Italy, Germany, Australia, the United States and so on.

“I didn’t have a particularly strong reputation locally. Winning the Surrey Digital Award was a great way for me to wave my hands in the air and say: ‘I may operate internationally, but I am a Surrey-based business’

“The other great thing about the Digital Awards is that they celebrate business. A lot of blogging awards are about recognising strong content, design and social media presence. These are exceedingly important aspects of running a blog.

“The Digital Awards, however, celebrates business acumen. When I collected my award, I was asked on stage if it was possible to make a profit running a blog. You have to be dedicated and passionate about blogging, but let me make clear that yes, you can make a living through blogging. Winning this award enabled to make that point loudly and publicly.

“I have also noticed that people take me a lot more seriously knowing that I write an “award winning blog”. I never really thought it would make that much of a difference to me, but it does have an impact on how people perceive the quality of your work.

“As you can see, winning Gold meant a lot to me. I am really looking forward to the 2018 Surrey Digital Awards and the Digital Championships. If you are thinking of entering, don’t dawdle. Go ahead and do it. It’s free and you have nothing to lose but much to potentially gain.”

Entry for the Surrey Digital Awards 2018 is now open.

NEW: How to Make the Most of The Digital Awards

Wherever you’re based, our Digital Awards (DA) schemes offer excellent county-wide exposure.

But if you’re sponsoring a category, how do you make the most of such a great promotional opportunity?

And if you’re lucky enough to be named as a finalist, how do you use this achievement to bring you maximum publicity?

Danielle from Indy Consultancy, our Content Partner for the Essex Digital Awards (EDAs) 2018, is a past sponsor. She’s been involved in the EDAs in a number of capacities for nearly five years, and during that time, she’s witnessed different approaches towards self-promotion and experimented with various marketing ideas.

She’s collected all of her experience into this article, which lists tips to help sponsors and finalists make the most of the Awards before, during and after the main award-giving event.


As part of the largest business awards in the county, the DA sponsorship packages offer exceptional value as it is, but believe it or not, there are even more ways you can use the scheme to get your brand in front of potential customers. It may take a little time and organisation, but the end results are definitely worth the effort.

1.Make room for your marketing materials

It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple roller banner or a whole box full of branded goodies – the more marketing collateral you can place in front of an audience, the more likely they are to remember you. Always speak to the event organisers to see if it will be possible to display your merchandise at a key point during the evening, such as the welcome drinks.

2.It’s all about the freebies

Everyone loves to think they’re getting something for free – including Indy! So why not arrange to give away a unique gift to everyone who attends the event?

You could even take this one step further and organise an exclusive competition for attendees. Regular sponsors Nimbus Hosting have hosted some great giveaways in the past – for example, at the Hertfordshire Digital Awards in September (2017), they gave guests the chance to win a variety of prizes by running a tombola draw. The setup encouraged loads of interaction with the company’s staff (and their Twitter account), and the winners were over the moon with their free gifts.

3.Reach out to other sponsors

Whenever you attend any kind of awards evening or networking event, you’re going to be surrounded by other companies that are clamouring for attention. But why not work with them instead of against them? You never know – you may end up referring business their way, and vice versa.

My advice would to be always take the time to meet and greet other event sponsors and understand what they do. The Awards now offers pre-event networking events that give you the chance to make these valuable connections in a less formal setting.

And if you don’t get a chance to talk to everyone, make a note of their contact details and introduce yourself via email. A quick ‘hello’ might just secure your place as a preferred supplier, if the need arises.

4.Introduce yourself to the finalists

Being shortlisted for an award is always a big deal, so why not give our finalists and winners a well-deserved pat on the back? Whether you choose to approach them in person to offer your congratulations, or drop them a message via email or Twitter, the sentiment will not go unnoticed and you’re sure to stick in their minds.

A great way to keep a record of the winners on the night is to make notes next to the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners in the Awards programme. It may mean foregoing a couple of glasses of wine during the main presentation, but you can always make up for that afterwards…

5.Get writing

Sponsoring the DAs is certainly a great conversation starter, so talk to your audience by putting together some timely, relevant content. To start with, you could write a blog on your website that announces your involvement in the scheme. If you want to take things one step further, you could put useful tips into a mini-whitepaper and hand it out exclusively at the event.

I would recommend rallying support for the event using your various social accounts, too. The advantage here is that the DAs already boast a huge online following. The Essex Digital Awards’ Twitter account, for example, has nearly 4,000 followers at time of writing. So if you talk about the awards as often as you can (and via as many different channels as you can), I guarantee you’ll generate a great deal more exposure for your company.

(If you’re struggling to find the time or the resources to create this kind of content, this is something an external copywriting agency such as Indy can help you with. Just a thought.).

6.Be creative!

If you’ve got extra ideas, don’t be afraid to share them with the Awards organisers. They’re always looking to add as much value to your awards experience as they can, and they’re very open to new ways of engaging their guests and associates.

Finalists and Winners

If you’ve made it to the finals, you deserve a great big well done. You’ve beaten hundreds of other entrants and you’re going to soak up the amazing atmosphere at the next Awards ceremony. But the benefits of being celebrated as a finalist don’t have to end there.

1.Blitz your social accounts

I’m sure you’re very socially active anyway, but make sure you shout about your achievements by announcing your finalist status via social media. It’s an easy way to boost your reputation and encourage enquiries in one fell swoop.

If you’re lucky enough to take away Gold, Silver or Bronze on the night, live-Tweet from the event and share your good news with the rest of the world! Use the right hashtag to associate yourself with the event and you’ll put your brand in front of even more people. For the next Essex Digital Awards, it will be #EDA18 (and it always follows that format for each county).

Bear in mind, too, that the Digital Awards team will be sharing various posts and graphics relating to your win; make sure you like and share everything you see for maximum gain.

2.Prepare your speech in case you win

Nobody ever expects to win – but if and when you do, you’ll be invited to take to the stage and deliver an acceptance speech to around 300 successful business men and women. Have a think about what you’d like to say and who you’d like to thank. It’s worth jotting down a handful of notes prior to the event to make sure this information is fresh in your mind.

3.Share your news

Write a blog post announcing your win – or, better still, send out a press release to industry contacts. The media are always keen to hear about business success in their area, so you may even be able to generate some extra exposure from a local newspaper or community website.

4.Make use of your unique banners

All Award winners will automatically receive a unique digital banner from the team. These can be used on your company website and even within your email signatures, so make good use of them.

5.Watch out for your video interview

If you’ve been involved with the Awards before, you’ll know that all Gold winners take part in a video interview straight after they have collected their award on the night. This footage will be online shortly after the ceremony, so keep an eye out for it and be sure to share, share, share!

6.Show off your accolades

Prizes are a fantastic talking point in any work space – and if you’ve won an award, you want to show it off to as many people as possible, right? If you manage multiple offices, be sure to buy a plaque for each location and display it proudly in a prominent place.

I’ve mentioned a few ways of making the most of the Awards here, but this list is by no means definitive. I’d love to hear your own ideas in the Comments section below.

SURREY: SDA17 Gold Winner Launches Innovative Learning Suite For Children

The Lumen Learning Trust, a Gold winner at the Surrey Digital Awards 2017, has launched an innovative new facility at a school in the county to enhance young peoples’ learning experiences.

The all-new Lighthouse Suite is an extraordinary space that has been developed in order to, in Lumen’s own words, “play with conventions of expectations in how we teach and learn”.

It is, in essence, a collection of rooms that allow children to explore their own preferred way of learning – but it brings so much more to the table.

The Lumen Learning Trust was set up in 2013 as a learning support initiative that supports three primary schools in Surrey and in March this year they clinched the Gold award in the Website: School, Education or Charity category at the SDAs for their work.

Since launching, the Trust has gone from strength to strength leading to the Lighthouse Suite development at Echelford School in Ashford, Surrey.

Against a distinctly beach-themed backdrop, and under the watchful eye of a glowing neon octopus, the Lighthouse Suite delivers an environment that serves to simultaneously stimulate and engage the children at the School.

Bold décor, beach huts and multi-textured flooring immediately grab the attention of anyone lucky enough to be invited in.

The Nest, a unique room full of comfy beanbags that’s often used for story classes, can be either a space for quiet learning or a place for engaging discussions.

The Wonder Room, however, is the real hidden gem of the project – it’s tucked away out of sight, but those who know where to find it are treated to a huge array of unusual yet awe-inspiring objects, including a wicker rugbeater and an old telephone.

Staff introduce new items to this space regularly, ensuring there’s always something new to explore.

Sarah Vernon, Headteacher of Echelford Primary School, believes that the space motivates children and teachers alike to be the best versions of themselves.

“This is definitely not just a set of rooms to work in when you are looking at ‘The Seaside’ in Geography”, she said.

“It is themed this way to be a stark contrast to a conventional modern classroom – there are no tables or chairs in here, no hidden data projector, no Powerpoint, teachers are stripped back to their best assets – high quality dialogue and exposition.”

Initiatives such as The Lighthouse Suite truly embody the spirit of the Digital Awards. We’re all about innovation, industry leadership, and a practical commitment to exploring new and exciting ways of inspiring others. We look forward to hearing more from Lumen as their scheme continues to evolve – and who knows, perhaps we’ll see them again at SDA18.

About The Lumen Learning Trust:

The Lumen Learning Trust is a learning support initiative that supports three primary schools in Surrey: Saxon Primary School in Shepperton, Riverbridge Primary in Staines-upon-Thames, and of course, The Echelford Primary in Ashford. The leadership team have proven experience in improving learning spaces throughout the county and introducing innovative ways of developing stimulating and rewarding environments for local children.

More information on the project and its various achievements can be found on the Lumen Learning Trust website. For direct enquiries please email the Enrichment Leader, [email protected].

SURREY: Sonin Celebrate Gold at SDA17

Following the third annual Surrey Digital Awards on 9 March, we spoke to Paul Jarrett, Managing Director at Sonin App Development, who won Gold for ‘Mobile App’ for their work for Forfeit Football.

Could you tell us a little about your organisation?
At Sonin we specialise in helping businesses and entrepreneurs in Surrey and beyond to utilise mobile apps and the latest technology to reach their customers, improve their businesses and create the most engaging mobile experiences. We’ve worked with a range of clients, from large enterprises, to SMEs, to independent start-ups.

What made you get involved in the SDAs?
As The Surrey Digital Awards is a platform to reward both innovation and forward thinking, we wanted to showcase to all businesses how effective mobile technology can be to achieve their goals, and see real results. Getting involved also gave us the chance to see fantastic examples of how other businesses are leveraging digital technology in new and innovative ways!

What does winning gold at the SDAs mean to your organisation?
Winning gold is a huge achievement not only for us, but also for our clients. In such a competitive market where first impressions are vital to the success of an app, it’s important that we give our clients that competitive edge to help them stand out from the crowd.

Where will you be putting your award?
In our reception area right next to our bronze award from 2016! We want everyone who walks through our doors to know that we only create award winning apps for all of our clients.

What was your most memorable moment from the SDA presentation evening?
Hearing that we won gold is naturally the most memorable moment for us. However, the energy in the room was fantastic and it was great to see so many businesses passionate about creating immersive digital experiences for themselves and their clients. Innovation is key, and this was certainly on show!

What’s the best thing about the Surrey business community?
The Surrey business community is a friendly and supportive network, who not only celebrate businesses who are embracing new technology, but encourage others during a time where digital is vital for all businesses.

You can find out more about Sonin at their website right here.

SURREY: Plug And Play Pick Up Two Awards at SDA17

Following the third annual Surrey Digital Awards on 9 March, we spoke to Gabrielle Richardson, Operations Manager at Plug and Play, who won Gold for ‘Website: Lifestyle & Culture’ for their work for Somlo, as well as silver in ‘Website: Sports & Entertainment’ for The Jockey Club Live.

Could you tell us a little about your organisation?
We are a full service digital agency offering web design and digital marketing services to a wide range of clients. We started out in a spare bedroom in 2006 and now have a team of 15 and offices in Surrey and London. Our clients are a mix of small businesses, startups and large corporates each looking to improve their online presence, which is where we come in.

What made you get involved in the SDAs?
We love working with our clients in Surrey- it’s where we started out and we’ve always had a strong presence in the area. We’re really proud of the work we’ve done recently and jumped at the chance to showcase it.

What does winning gold at the SDAs mean to your organisation?
Being recognised for our hard work with our nomination was really exciting, so winning was just the icing on the cake. Somlo was a real passion project for us so we’re thrilled that it’s been so well received.

Where will you be putting your award?
We’re leaving our office in Godalming to move to a base in Guildford over the next few months, so we are looking forward to our award taking pride of place in our new home!

What was your most memorable moment from the SDA presentation evening?
Sadly we weren’t able to make it to the night itself! We were really disappointed not to be able to pick up our award or meet any of the other nominees on the night, but will definitely be there next year.

What’s the best thing about the Surrey business community?
The variety of different businesses in Surrey is really interesting. We work with clients based in both London and Surrey and our Surrey clients are certainly as much fun as the London ones!

You can find a lovely post by the company themselves on their website target=”_blank”>right here.

SURREY: DadBlogUK Discuss Winning Gold at SDA17

Following the third annual Surrey Digital Awards on 9 March, we spoke to John Adams, founder of DadBlogUK, who won Gold in our ‘Blog’ category.

Could you tell us a little about your organisation?
I originally set my company up as a PR company. It was something I did on the side while blogging about parenting and fatherhood was a hobby. Over time, however, I realised I could make money as a blogger and turned the business on its head with the focus on blogging and writing with PR becoming a sideline. The fact remains, however, that I am the main carer for my children. I fit my blogging activities around family life: the school run, after school clubs, homework etc.

What made you get involved in the SDAs?
The Internet is without borders and operates internationally. This is how I have always approached my blogging. Although I have an International focus, I thought it was about time to cement my reputation as a Surrey-based blogger. I entered the awards in the hope it may increase my profile. I certainly didn’t expect to win a Gold award.

What does winning gold at the SDAs mean to your organisation?
Winning the Gold award is superb recognition of what I do. It increases my profile and further demonstrates that us bloggers are now a part of the mainstream media scene and have influence.

Where will you be putting your award?
I will be putting up some picture hooks and hanging it on the wall in my office.

What was your most memorable moment from the SDA presentation evening?
The most memorable moment was when Robin started reading out the description of the Blog award Gold winner. I was convinced Informed Choice was going to win but he started describing a parenting blog. As I was the only parenting blog in the finals it was clear I had won the award. I then had a minor panic as I knew I’d have to get on stage and say a few words when I hadn’t prepared anything! I was sat next to Catherine from Deco Baby who won the Silver Online retailer award. She had turned to me beforehand and said she thought I was going to win. They were very kind words but I was totally unconvinced until the big reveal.

What’s the best thing about the Surrey business community?
I have always found the Surrey business community to be very friendly and approachable. Being so close to London, I think the community is influenced by the city and very dynamic. I am glad to be a part of it.

You can target=”_blank”>find out more about DadBlogUK by clicking here.

SURREY: SDA17 Winners Revealed

THE online achievements of businesses, charities and schools across Surrey have been celebrated at the third annual Digital Awards.

Honours across 15 categories including “Website”, “Blog”, “Mobile App” and “Use of Social Media for Business” were presented to progressive organisations at the HG Wells Conference and Events Centre in Woking, on March 9.

Hosting SDA17 was former BBC presenter Robin Bailey who handed Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes to a host of worthy winners.

Special guests included Mark Pearson, from Headline Sponsor, Surrey County Council, Cllr Saj Hussain from Woking Works, Louise Punter from Surrey Chambers of Commerce, Steve Coburn of projectfive and Neil Langston of Nero Blanco, all of whom presented awards.

The Surrey Digital Awards was set up in 2015 solely to showcase online work from across the county.

Leading the way on stage with double gold were Farnham-based design agency and IT firm Ansell & Clarke who picked up the top prize in “Online Retailer” and “Website: Small Business” for their work on behalf of designer swimwear retailer Coco Bay.

Clinching gold in the flagship “Website” classification was Dorking vineyard and venue Denbies Wine Estate.

TG Media Group, in Guildford, landed on top of the podium in “Use of Social Media for Business” for their Guide To Surrey digital accounts.

Father and online writer, John Adams, won gold in the “Blog” category for and the top “Mobile App” gong went to Forfeit Football by Sonin App Development, based in Reigate.

The independent SDA judges chose Guildford designer and app developer Kyan as the gold winner in “Responsive Website” and Content Creatures for their Happy Socks project in the “Use of Video for Business”.

Shippo by WATB Creative, in Nutfield, came out on top in the “Website: B2B” area and Somlo by Plug and Play in “Website: Lifestyle & Culture”.

Posy Brewer – The VoiceOver Voice took the plaudits in “Website: Marketing and Creative” and Lumen Learning Trust Academy in “Website: School, Education or Charity”.

Also winning gold awards were Anthony Philipson by Thunderbolt Digital, in Farnham, for “Website: Sports and Entertainment” and Dorking web designer OH Creative for Spanish catering firm Paella Fella.

For the first time in Digital Awards history, a People’s Choice Award – voted by the public for finalists in all website categories – was won by disabled children’s charity Challengers.

The “Spirit of Surrey” award, which is given to one organisation chosen for “attracting significantly positive exposure and investment into the county” was presented to the 5G Innovation Centre, University of Surrey, which is the world’s leading research centre for next generation mobile and wireless connectivity.

The Surrey Digital Awards 2017 was sponsored and supported by Surrey County Council Woking Works Surrey Chambers of Commerce projectfive Nero Blanco Natwest Something Big Arcom IT Hamlyns Clare Reeves Voiceovers Tandridge District Council Surrey Mirror Capricorn Media

Surrey Digital Awards 2017 – The Winners

Blog – In association with Woking Works

SILVER – Enjoy the Adventure
BRONZE – Expert Home Tips by Veneficus

Mobile App

GOLD – Forfeit Football by Sonin App Development
SILVER – SaidSo Wealth Dashboard for Chapters Financial by Kyan
BRONZE – Perchang

Online Retailer

GOLD – Coco Bay by Ansell & Clarke
SILVER – Deco Baby
BRONZE – Pomegranate Living

Responsive Website

GOLD – Kyan
SILVER – Chaddesley Sanford
BRONZE – Anthony Philipson by Thunderbolt Digital

Use of Social Media for Business – in association Surrey Mirror

GOLD – The Guide 2 Surrey by TG Media Group
SILVER – Nicky Kriel Social Media Coach, Trainer and Consultant
BRONZE – Guildford Business Hub

Use of Video for Business

GOLD – Happy Socks by Content Creatures
SILVER – Counselling Directory by Memiah
BRONZE – Baggage Solutions by Drum Studios

Website – in associate with Surrey County Council

GOLD – Denbies Wine Estate
SILVER- Knights Property by go6 Media
BRONZE – WS Planning & Architecture

Website: B2B – in association with projectfive

GOLD – Shippo by WATB Creative
SILVER – Updata Infrastructure by NXT Digital Solutions
BRONZE – The FSE Group by Ansell & Clarke

Website: Lifestyle & Culture

GOLD – Somlo by Plug and Play
SILVER – Red Hot Yoga
BRONZE – Brooklands Museum

Website: Marketing & Creative

GOLD – Posy Brewer – The VoiceOver Voice
SILVER – Faze One Media
BRONZE – WATB Creative

Website: School, Education or Charity

GOLD – Lumen Learning Trust Academy
SILVER – Step by Step
BRONZE – Redwing by Kyan

Website: Small Business – in association with Nero Blanco

GOLD – Coco Bay by Ansell & Clarke
SILVER – Your Art 2 Canvas
BRONZE – La Residence Interiors

Website: Sports & Entertainment

GOLD – Anthony Philipson by Thunderbolt Digital
SILVER – The Jockey Club Live by Plug and Play
BRONZE – Film My Show by The Big Yellow Feet Production Company

Website: Tourism & Hospitality

GOLD – Paella Fella by OH Creative
SILVER – Denbies Wine Estate
BRONZE- Foxhills Club & Resort

People’s Choice Award

GOLD – Challengers

Spirit of Surrey Award – in association with Surrey Chambers of Commerce

GOLD – 5G Innovation Centre, University of Surrey

SURREY: Nero Blanco Sponsors SDAs For Second Year

A firm that specialises in helping companies improve their email communications has signed up to sponsor the Surrey Digital Awards for the second year running.

Nero Blanco – based in Banstead – will sponsor the “Website: Small Business” category and present the awards at HG Wells Conference and Events Centre, Woking, on March 9.

Nero Blanco has provided IT expertise to many organisations including JP Morgan Chase, Birmingham City Council and HSBC.

Its core services include helping companies migrate or roll-out new software programs including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Azure, Active Directory and Lotus Notes.

As well as supporting the SDAs, Nero Blanco also gave its backing to the Kent Digital Awards last year and the Digital Awards Champions in February.

Conrad Murray, Senior Messaging Architect at Nero Blanco, said: “We are very pleased to be supporting the Surrey Digital Awards once again and look forward to meeting the finalists at the event.

“Surrey is a very progressive county with a thriving businesses community and we are proud to play our part in supporting it and in celebrating the many success stories that are part of the Digital Awards.”

The SDA17 Presentation Evening will be the biggest event yet and will see presentation of the People’s Choice Award for websites for the first time.

Mr Murray added “Digital is at the heart of our business as we are here to support companies in launching, migrating and successfully managing their email communications systems.”

The Nero Blanco team boasts a combined total of more than 50 years’ experience amongst them in the messaging arena.

The Surrey Digital Awards is the first and only scheme exclusively to recognise the online achievements of businesses, schools an charities from across the county.

Robin Bailey, Chairman of the independent SDA Judging panel revealed he is “delighted” to welcome back Nero Blanco for the second year.

He said: “Nero Blanco work with companies to migrate or roll-out new software programs including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Azure, Active Directory and Lotus Notes and they are masters of their field.

“To have them back at the Surrey Digital Awards is wonderful news and just another indication of the growing success of the Awards in this great county.”

To find out more about Nero Blanco and their services click here or call 0330 088 9630 or email [email protected]

SURREY: People’s Choice Award Launched At SDA17

The Surrey Digital Awards will present a People’s Choice Award at SDA17 for the first time.

Finalists for the Awards were announced on January 24, across 14 categories, and winners of each will be chosen by a panel of independent judges.

But for the first time in Digital Awards history, a new award will be presented to one of the 2017 finalists, and this time it will be voted for by the public.

Each of the finalists in the following website categories will automatically be entered into the People’s Choice Award and voting is NOW OPEN.

Click here  to open the People’s Choice Award voting page.

“Website: Marketing & Creative”
“Website: Small Business”
“Website: B2B”
“Website: Tourism & Hospitality”
“Website: Sports & Entertainment”
“Website: Lifestyle & Culture”
Responsive Website

The Surrey Digital Awards 2017 Presentation Evening will take place at HG Wells Conference & Events Centre, Woking, on March 9.

Tickets are on sale here 

Voting closes on February 10, 2017 at 5pm.


SURREY: SDA17 Finalists Announced

The finalists of the Surrey Digital Awards 2017 have been revealed and tickets for the Presentation Evening are now available.

The remaining contenders in each of the categories are now in with a chance of claiming Gold, Silver and Bronze awards at the third SDA dinner ceremony on March 9 at HG Wells Conference and Events Centre, in Woking.

Tickets are on sale now and are expected to go quickly, following last year’s event, which was hailed a great success.

The SDA team claim this year’s event will be a ”night to remember”, with networking and entertainment lined up alongside the awards presentation.

Presenting awards at the Presentation Evening will be Headline Sponsor Surrey County Council, Woking Works, the Associate Sponsor, and Surrey Chambers of Commerce.

Also present will be sponsors and supporters projecfive, Capricorn Media, Tandridge District Council, Noise PR and designsixtyfour.

The event is also supported by Clare Reeves Voiceovers.

The Surrey Digital Awards 2017 Presentation Evening will include an arrival drink, two-course meal and a complimentary third of a bottle of wine person.

The event will be hosted by the former BBC presenter Robin Bailey.

Tickets are priced at £62.50 + VAT with a special 10% discount on tables for ten. To purchase tickets click here.

The SDAs is the first and only scheme within the county dedicated to selling the online achievements of businesses, schools and charities.

Surrey Digital Awards 2017 Finalists

Enjoy the Adventure
Expert Home Tips by Veneficus
Informed Choice Radio
Valiant Design
WATB Creative

Forfeit Football by Sonin App Development
Job Sheet Pro by Time4 Apps
Math Stacks by Time4 Apps
SaidSo Wealth Dashboard for Chapters Financial by Kyan
SMART SAA by Sonin App Development

Coco Bay by Ansell & Clarke
Curtain Call by Drum Studios
Deco Baby
Denbies Wine Estate
Harry Brompton’s London Ice Tea by OH Creative
Pomegranate Living

Anthony Philipson by Thunderbolt Digital
Chaddesley Sanford
Equinox Aromas by Thunderbolt Digital
Four Eyes Insight by Valiant Design
JCP Consultancy by KPC Creative Communication
Rapleys by Plug and Play

BBC Surrey Radio
Guildford Business Hub
Jellybean Creative
Nicky Kriel Social Media Coach, Trainer and Consultant
RHW Solicitors
The Guide 2 Surrey by TG Media Group

Baggage Solutions by Drum Studios
Counselling Directory by Memiah
Dixons Carphone by Design Film Digital Solutions
Happy Socks by Content Creatures
IDBS by Create Convo
WS Planning & Architecture

Denbies Wine Estate
Knights Property by go6 Media
Red Hot Yoga
The Jockey Club Live by Plug and Play
Updata Infrastructure by NXT Digital Solutions
WATB Creative
WS Planning & Architecture

Evolve Digital
Four Eyes Insight by Valiant Design
Rapleys by Plug and Play
Shippo by WATB Creative
The FSE Group by Ansell & Clarke
Updata Infrastructure by NXT Digital Solutions
Voices UK

Aubeterre Blue
Brooklands Museum
Red Hot Yoga
Somlo by Plug and Play
The Guide 2 Surrey by TG Media Group
The Lifestyle Library by WATB Creative
Walls and Floors by Plug and Play

Faze One Media
Oh Snap by Thunderbolt Digital
Posy Brewer – The VoiceOver Voice
WATB Creative

Action for A-T
Headway Surrey
Lumen Learning Trust Academy
Redwing by Kyan
Step by Step
Thamesmead School

Coco Bay by Ansell & Clarke
Deco Baby
Film My Show by The Big Yellow Feet Production Company
La Residence Interiors
Peps & Pooks
Posy Brewer – The VoiceOver Voice
Your Art 2 Canvas

Anthony Philipson by Thunderbolt Digital
Farleigh Golf Club
Film My Show by The Big Yellow Feet Production Company
Guildford Fringe Festival by Room 11 Design
Lisa B Pilates by OH Creative
Point to Point by Kyan
The Jockey Club Live by Plug and Play

Denbies Wine Estate
Foxhills Club & Resort
Glamping Holiday
Grayshott Pottery by KPC Creative Communication
Paella Fella by OH Creative
The Guide 2 Surrey by TG Media Group
The Stephan Langton Inn by OH Creative