CAMBRIDGESHIRE: CDA17 Finalists Announced

The finalists of the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards 2017 have been unveiled, ahead of an historic finale to the competition.

With the backing of headline sponsor Nimbus Hosting, winners of the CDAs will – for the first time in Digital Awards history – be announced entirely online.

In a break from tradition organisers have decided to crown the winners of Gold, Silver and Bronze Digital Awards in 11 categories via social media, rather than laying on a presentation soiree.

The winners of CDA17 will be chosen by the Digital Awards independent judging panel and revealed via Twitter on November 1.

The CDAs are supported by Department for International Trade, Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership, Connecting Cambridgeshire, South Cambridgeshire District Council, Cambridge Network and Opportunity Peterborough.


Charlotte’s Compass by Sookio
LK Social Media
Newt Labs
Sally Morgan-Moore
She’s A Gentry
That Marketing Punk


AmaElla Ethical Lingerie by Newt Labs
B2b Cards by Webigi Digital Systems
Custom Converse
Maravilo by BAO
The Mobility Aids Centre by Brave Agency
Vaara by BAO


Ace by Mobas
LK Social Media
Sega’s Football Manager World Cup Final by
Simply Good Food TV by The Food Marketing Expert
St Catharine’s College
Vet Times by Veterinary Business Development
Vindis Motor Group by Mobas


Charlotte Peters
Domino Printing Sciences Ax-Series Product Launch by Somersault
HeadStart Clinics
L8 Datanet Ltd
Sally Morgan-Moore
Simply Good Food TV


Birketts LLP by Crafted
CareRooms by BAO
Minos Creative
The Stradivari Trust by 2idesign
Transversal by Mobas
Vaara by BAO


ARC – Cambridge by Cofinitive
Priden Engineering by Brave Agency
RecruitMint by Brave Agency
St John’s Innovation Park by 2idesign
Transversal by Mobas
Xion Water Solutions by Geek Design


AmaElla Ethical Lingerie by Newt Labs
HeadStart Clinics
Ruby’s Rambles by Minos Creative
Sally Morgan-Moore
The Stradivari Trust by 2idesign
Vaara by BAO
Walk In Our Shoes by Hello Lovely


Brave Agency
Maravilo by BAO
Minos Creative
NetXtra by Mobas


Greener Growth by Cofinitive
iMET by The Hideout
Injured Jockeys Fund by Webigi Digital Systems
Jesus College University of Cambridge by Contra Agency
Parkside Federation Academies by 2idesign
Peterborough Association for the Blind by Brave Agency
St Neots Museum by Mobius


Active Life by Webigi Digital Systems
Custom Converse
FABPulous by 2idesign
Krishna Solanki Designs
Ruby’s Rambles by Minos Creative


Active Life by Webigi Digital Systems
Comberton Sports and Arts by Minos Creative
Langley Park Rally School by Minos Creative
Lucy Gossage – Professional Triathlete by 2idesign

CAMBRIDGESHIRE: CDA16 Winners Announced

THE online achievements of businesses, charities and schools across Cambridgeshire have been celebrated at the second annual Digital Awards.

Accolades across 15 categories including “Website”, “Mobile App” and “Use of Social Media for Business” were presented to deserving organisations at the Cambridge Belfry, in Cambourne, on November 24.

Compering the event was former BBC broadcaster Robin Bailey who presented Gold, Silver and Bronze prizes to a host of worthy winners.

Special guests included Tim Dunton, from Headline Sponsor, Nimbus Hosting, Noelle Godfrey from Connecting Cambridgeshire, Cllr Ian Bates from Cambridgeshire County Council and Laura Welham-Halstead of Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership, all of whom presented awards.

Steve Bowyer delivered an insightful keynote speech on behalf of Opportunity Peterborough, who backed the Awards for the first time this year.

The Cambridgeshire Digital Awards was set up in 2015 solely to showcase online work.

Leading the way on stage were a pair of winners who both saw double after scooping Gold across two separate categories.

BAO Agency, from St Ives, won Gold in the overall “Website” category and claimed top spot in “Website: Small Business” for their work on behalf of women’s designer fashion retailer The Cult & Classic.

Also claiming double-Gold was Hype Marketing in “Website B2B” and “Responsive Website” celebrating their achievements for Histon accountancy firm Aston Shaw.

Bridges Café, in central Cambridge, scooped the top accolade in the “Use of Social Media for Business” category for the second year running.

“Blog:Business” Gold went to Comberton-based OST Marketing who entered their work for the global animal health company Zoetis.

Across in “Blog: Entertainment” top spot on the podium was taken by lifestyle writer Musings & More and “Online Retailer” Gold was landed by Cambridge Saxophone.

Alzheimer’s Research UK won Gold in the highly competitive “Website: School, Education or Charity” classification and “Use of Video for Business” went to Willingham-based Imagen EVP.

Pocket Sergeant was recognised for its “Mobile App”, adding Gold to their Silver won last year and “Website: Marketing & Creative” saw the independent judging panel pick Sookio for the top place.

Peterborough design agency, Echo Web Solutions won out in “Website: Sports & Entertainment” for Gymkit UK and Cambridge Food Collective by Callia Web won in “Website: Lifestyle & Culture”.

Sponsoring and supporting the event were Nimbus Hosting, Greater Cambridge/Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership, Connecting Cambridgeshire, Cambridge News, Opportunity Peterborough, South Cambridgeshire District Council, Department for International Trade, Clare Reeves Voiceovers and Capricorn Media.

There was also a ‘Spirit of Cambridgeshire’ award which was handed to the Cambridge Folk Festival, celebrating its 51st year of bringing some of the world’s most revered singers and bands to the county.

They were commended for “going above and beyond the call of duty over many years for the betterment and promotion of Cambridgeshire” and more recently for their digital work.

Cambridgeshire Digital Awards 2016 – The Winners


BRONZE – Aston Shaw by Hype Marketing
GOLD – Zoetis by OST Marketing


BRONZE – Richard Designs by Chameleon Studios
SILVER – Say Sally May
GOLD – Cambridge Food Collective


BRONZE – Hereward Sports & Leisure by Echo Web Solutions
SILVER – Bear Grylls Survival Race by Creative Code
GOLD – Gymkit UK by Echo Web Solutions

USE OF SOCIAL MEDIA FOR BUSINESS – In Association with Cambridge News

BRONZE – Hartley’s Jelly by OST Marketing
SILVER – Dream by OST Marketing
GOLD – Bridges Cafe


BRONZE – Jessica In Your Ear
SILVER – Say Sally May
GOLD – Musings & More


BRONZE – Alpima by Onespacemedia
SILVER – MW Luxury Packaging by Onespacemedia
GOLD – Aston Shaw by Hype Marketing


BRONZE – East Anglian Air Ambulance (EAAA) by Studio 24 Partnership
SILVER – Headstart Day Nursery by Catfish Web Design
GOLD – Alzheimer’s Research UK

ONLINE RETAILER – In Association with GCGP Enterprise Partnership

BRONZE – Arthur Rank Hospice Charity
SILVER – Barhams & Sons by Webigi Digital Systems
GOLD – Cambridge Saxophone


BRONZE – Ieso Digital Health by OST Marketing
GOLD – Imagen EVP


BRONZE – Prescription PR
GOLD – Sookio

WEBSITE: SMALL BUSINESS – In Association with Connecting Cambridgeshire

BRONZE – Barhams & Sons by Webigi Digital Systems
SILVER – Cambridge Food Collective
GOLD – The Cult & Classic by BAO Agency


BRONZE – L8 Datanet
SILVER – Simply Good Food TV by Tell Me First
GOLD – Pocket Sergeant


BRONZE – JT Cranes by Stanton Shallcross
SILVER – Geek Designs
GOLD – Aston Shaw by Hype Marketing


GOLD – Cambridge Folk Festival

WEBSITE – In Association with Nimbus Hosting

BRONZE – Lucy Cavendish College by Chameleon Studios
SILVER – Alzheimer’s Research UK
GOLD – BAO Agency

CAMBRIDGESHIRE: Flood, Fire, Hacking And Infection – Free Disaster Recovery Advice

At the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards we’re very proud to have the support of Nimbus Hosting, a leading IT company that specialises in providing web hosting services to digital agencies and e-commerce sites.

One of the company’s missions is to allow digital professionals to focus on core projects rather than dealing with “hosting headaches” and the, often, complex details of IT.

And with CDA16 under two weeks away, the team at Nimbus Hosting, our Headline Sponsor, has put together a whole host of free advice on how to create a contingency plan should your IT systems ever be plagued by a disaster such as fire, flood, a hacking or malicious malware infection.

Here’s Nimbus Hosting’s blueprint for creating an effective ‘Disaster Recovery Plan’

A Disaster Recovery Plan From Nimbus Hosting

The world of digital is great but with everything now online, businesses need to learn to navigate new risks. As well as physical risks of fires and floods damaging our IT infrastructure, how would your business or your clients businesses cope with being hacked or becoming infected with malicious malware?

Know your IT infrastructure

Find out what cloud services you’re actually using, what you’re paying for, what you need and what can go. Make sure you know how these services interlink with other parts of your business; if you lose your web server do you lose your email too?

A lot of companies prefer to keep different aspects of their business with different companies to try and minimise the risk of losing everything at once for example, keeping web hosting and email hosting with separate companies. Although this is recommended, make sure you know how to access all of this information and have the log in details for when you need them. This is also a great opportunity to have a quick audit of what you’re actually paying for.

Identify your risks

As well as protecting yourselves against physical elements like floods and fires, it’s often underestimated the damage that can be caused by virus infection, hacking or accidental deletions. With the majority (77%, according to a study back in 2013) of business now relying on technology and the internet for their daily operations it’s necessary to think about where your risks are most likely to occur to prepare for them.

If you have a high number of staff, do you control, know and have a record of who has access to what? Is everyone in the organisation using secure passwords? These are all questions worth considering when making a disaster recovery plan.


Even businesses that take every security measure possible can get hacked, especially if they are specifically targeted. Regular backups ensure that even if your site is compromised, you can get it restored quickly and easily. Occasionally, updates can break your website’s design or functionality and some updates can be buggy, in which case you can use a backup to restore to a previous version.

Backups are one of those annoying expenses that never seem all that necessary until they are absolutely vital.

Test your backups

It’s tempting to put a backup system in place and forget about it, cross it off your list and move on. Unfortunately this is not the case. Regular testing of these backups is essential and as important as having the backups in the first place. Imagine if at the moment you need them the most, you find out it hasn’t been working for months or has been corrupted.

Make sure you configure your site to display a 503 code status page

When a site does experience downtime, whether planned or unplanned, it’s important to make sure there is a 503 code status page displayed to not only let your visitors know what’s going on but also let Google know and prevent them removing your site from listings.

If, during a crawl, a search engine finds that some content no longer exists, for example if it gives a 404 HTTP status, it will remove that content from the search results until it can come back and verify that it’s there again. If this happens often, it’ll take longer and longer for the content to come back in the search results.

Why is it so important to have a plan in place?

Every business that operates online is susceptible to an IT disaster and the only way to make sure that your business softens any interruptions is to have a speedy recovery from a pre-organised disaster recovery plan.

To get in touch with Nimbus Hosting email: [email protected]


CAMBRIDGESHIRE: Opportunity Peterborough Links With CDA16

Opportunity Peterborough, the city’s economic development company, has become a “Supporter” of the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards 2016 and will take part in the Presentation Evening in November.

As part of the Award’s support team, Opportunity Peterborough will promote the CDAs across the city to encourage businesses, charities and schools to get involved.

Opportunity Peterborough is a private not-for-profit business, wholly owned by Peterborough City Council. As an economic development company, core responsibilities include marketing Peterborough to businesses to attract inward investment, engaging with local companies to support growth and development, and leading the city’s skills agenda to ensure the city’s current and future talent pool is trained and work-ready.

To boost the local economy even further and support Peterborough’s aspiration to create the UK’s environment capital, Opportunity Peterborough also delivers a range of projects. The work of one particular project, Peterborough DNA, gained international recognition last year when Peterborough was named as the World’s Smart City of 2015.

Opportunity Peterborough also hosts the prestigious Peterborough Bondholder Network which provides exclusive networking opportunities and business support for more than 220 members.

Steve Bowyer, Chief Executive of Opportunity Peterborough said: “Supporting the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards is a great way for Opportunity Peterborough to help celebrate the innovative work taking place right on our doorstep.

“The digital world touches almost every aspect of our lives. It presents a huge realm of possibilities for businesses to improve efficiency, encourage collaboration, reduce costs and improve the lives of our citizens.

“We’re looking forward to seeing how local organisations are improving business processes and customer experiences through digital platforms as well as shining a spotlight on the forward-thinking pioneers of this fast-paced industry that are right here in Cambridgeshire.”

Robin Bailey, Chairman of the CDA16 Judging Panel, said:

“We are delighted to welcome Opportunity Peterborough as a supporter of the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards. Their unique position and relationships with the Peterborough business community, particularly with their Future City work, provides exceptional and perspective to the city’s digital future.

“They are a fantastic addition to the support team at the CDAs, which is an extremely strong body of very influential organisations from across the county.”


CAMBRIDGESHIRE: South Cambs Council Joins CDA16

A progressive local authority which has set “Connected Communities” as one of its top priorities has joined forces with the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards.

South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) has signed up as a “Supporter” of CDA16 and will attend the Presentation Evening in November at The Belfry Hotel, close by to its headquarters in Cambourne.

It is the latest influential organisation to back the Awards following the appointments of Connecting Cambridgeshire, Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership and the Department for International Trade who have already put their name to the scheme.

SCDC has worked with businesses and residents to set the Council’s agenda for the next five years. Working with partners to ensure new transport and digital infrastructure supports and strengthens communities is at the top of that list.

South Cambridgeshire is open for business and the Council knows that its approach to growth must sustain prosperity.

Some of the key outcomes for the Council include making sure, through the Greater Cambridge City Deal, that the Cambridge Sub-Region is a super-connected ‘Smart City Region’ of the future, the Greater Cambridge region continues to thrive economically and all residents and businesses have access to superfast broadband.

SCDC’s support of the CDA’s is indicative of its mission to embrace the digital sector and develop opportunities for people and businesses within its area.

Cllr Nick Wright, South Cambridgeshire District Council’s deputy leader and cabinet member for corporate and customer services, said: “We are really pleased to have teamed up with CDA. The digital agenda is vitally important to us, our communities and businesses and we look forward to celebrating their successes with them. As a Council we have made great progress in using technology to help us provide the best services possible to local people but we know there is still much more to be done on our digital agenda.”

The Cambridgeshire Digital Awards is the first and only scheme of its kind solely to celebrate the online achievements of businesses, charities and schools from across the county.

Robin Bailey, Chairman of the CDA16 Judging Panel said: “We are delighted to welcome South Cambridgeshire District Council into the Digital Awards.

“Their commitment to supporting the digital services available in their district chimes perfectly with our mission to recognise the achievements of progressive businesses, charities and schools across the county.”

The CDAs have 15 open categories including “Blog”, “Mobile App” and “Website” and entry is open here until September 23, 2016.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE: 1 Month Left To Enter CDA16

There is just one month left to enter the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards 2016.

Submissions for CDA16 – the first and only scheme to recognise the online achievements of businesses, charities and schools from across the county – will close on September 23 at 5pm.

New categories have been included for this year including “Website B2B” and “Blog: Entertainment”.

The complete list of open categories for entry is:-

Responsive Website
Mobile App
Website: School, Education or Charity
Website: Lifestyle & Culture
Website: Marketing & Creative
Website: Sports & Entertainment
Website: Tourism & Hospitality
Use of Social Media for Business
Use of Video for Business
Website: B2B
Online Retailer
Website: Small Business
Blog: Business
Blog: Entertainment

The CDA16 Presentation Evening will take place at The Belfry hotel, Cambourne on November 24.

CDA16 is supported by Cambridge News, Connecting Cambridgeshire, Cambridgeshire County Council, the Greater Cambridge & Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership, Department for International Trade and Capricorn Media.

Entry is free and can be made on this website.


Entry has opened for the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards 2016, celebrated by the launch of a brand new category.

CDA16 – the first and only scheme of its kind within the county – is now in its second year, following its staggering success since setting up in 2014.

And for the first time Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards will be presented for a “Website: B2B” category at the Presentation Evening in November.

The new website classification – for companies thriving in the business-to-business sector – will take its place alongside 15 other categories in a new look line-up.

There are now a total of nine website categories as well as “Use of Video for Business”, “Use of Social Media for Business”, “Mobile App” and “Spirit of Cambridgeshire”.

CDA16 will also see the return of the immensely popular “Blog” awards for “Entertainment” and “Business”.

The “Online Business” category has been renamed “Online Retailer” to offer greater clarity to entrants.

An independent judging panel, made up of digital experts, the media, sponsors and executives from a number of internationally recognised businesses including Sky Sports will decide the winners.

The Cambridgeshire Digital Awards was set-up to promote and recognise the online achievements of businesses, charities and schools from across the county.

Robin Bailey, Chair of the CDA Judging Panel revealed that a “huge” number of entries are expected for CDA16, following the success last year.

He added: “Businesses, schools and charities across Cambridgeshire submitted an extremely high quality of entries last year, it was breathtaking and the bar is set high.

“But I have no doubt in my mind that competition for the CDAs is going to be even greater this year and we cannot wait to see the results.

“Cambridgeshire is renowned for being a hotbed of digital talent and these Awards are there to celebrate the best the county has offer, it’s going to be very exciting in the months ahead.

“It is proven, through the popularity of the Awards and our partnership with the Cambridgeshire News, that winning a Cambridgeshire Digital Award is a sought after accolade and we urge everyone to find our website and make an entry.”

Cambridge News, as media partner, will be giving rolling press coverage for the scheme.

Connecting Cambridgeshire and Greater Cambridge and Greater Peterborough Local Enterprise Partnership “Key Supporters” for the scheme once again.

Sponsors of the scheme include Capricorn Media.

Entry is free and takes less than two minutes to complete.

The presentation evening will take place in November 2016.

The closing date for entries is September 23, 2016.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE: Free Consultations Offered at CDA 2015

Guests at the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards are being offered FREE consultations with one of the region’s leading recruitment companies on the night.

All finalists attending the Presentation Evening at the Burgess Hall, St Ives, on November 19, are being offered a complimentary one-to-one session with SuitRecruit.

The firm – which specialises in sourcing and placing sales staff into businesses – is also offering a 20 per cent discount on the first introduction to any finalist of CDA 2015 as an added benefit of being short-listed.

Iain Johnson, from Premio64, the organisation behind the Awards, said: “If finding quality sales staff in your organisation is a struggle, then we think it is definitely worth taking up a free consultation with SuitRecruit, they really can help”.

The free appointments – which could last around five minutes – will take place during the arrival drinks reception, which beings at 7pm.

Spaces are limited, offered on a first-booked-first-served basis and will take place in the foyer adjacent to the main suite.

Delegates wishing to book a time slot should email [email protected]

For more information about their services visit

CAMBRIDGESHIRE: TV Comedian To Perform At CDA2015

TV presenter and stand-up comedian Mark Dolan is to perform at the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards Presentation Evening, organisers revealed this week.

Belly laughs are guaranteed when Dolan – the presenter of Channel 4’s “Balls of Steel” – takes to the stage at Burgess Hall, St Ives, on November 19.

The 41-year-old, from London, has also appeared on The World’s and Me, The Last Word and Sky TV’s flagship movie show 35mm, where he was host presenter for five years.

He burst onto the comedy scene in 2000, after making the finals of Channel 4 talent show “So You Think You’re Funny” and has never looked back.

The father-of-two is also a writer and has presented radio shows for BBC London and LBC.

Iain Johnson, from Premio64, the organisers behind the awards said: “The Digital Awards family has a bit of a reputation for booking hilarious comedians and we’re delighted to have Mark returning to our Awards stage, he’s a funny man.

“It’s going to be a fantastic night”.

Tickets are still available for the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards Presentation Evening, which includes an arrival drink, 2-course meal, 1/3 bottle of win per person and presentation of Gold, Silver and Bronze awards to businesses, schools and charities from across the county.

To book visit

The CDA – which is backed by SuitRecruit, Lexus Cambridge, Cambridge News, Connecting Cambridgeshire, the Greater Cambridge & Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership, Capricorn Media, Noise PR and – is the first and only awards scheme of it’s kind in the county to solely recognise online work.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE: ONE MONTH TO GO: Entry For CDA15 Closes September 4

Entry for the Cambridgeshire Digital Awards is set to close in one month.

Applications have been flooding in for CDA15 which was launched earlier this year to celebrate the online achievements of businesses, schools and charities from across the county.

With a range of categories and an entry system which takes less than two minutes to complete, CDA has already built-up an outstanding following.

Andy Pritchard from Premio64, the organisation behind the awards revealed he is “absolutely thrilled” by the response so far.

He added: “Cambridgeshire has adopted the Digital Awards in a massive way, we have received a very large number of entries.

“But, there is still a month left to make entries, so, if you haven’t yet got involved do so now.

“It’s free to enter, takes less than a couple of minutes and finalists and winners will feature in the Cambridge News and achieve fantastic recognition in many other ways through the CDA, so there is much to aim for.”

The CDA is backed by media partners the Cambridge News.

He added: “Consider how winning a CDA will impress your customers and give your team a huge boost.”

The categories include “Website”, “Responsive Website”, “Blog”, “Use of Social Media for Business”, “Use of Video for Business” and “School, Education or Charity Website”.

Gold, silver and bronze awards will be presented at the Winners’ Evening in November, 2015.

For full, details visit the “About” section of this website.

Enter now for free