CAMBRIDGESHIRE: Cambridge Saxophone Strike Gold on Debut

Following the second annual Cambridgeshire Digital Awards on 24 November, we spoke to Dan Forshaw, founder of groundbreaking tuition site Cambridge Saxophone, who won Gold at their first ever CDAs in the Online Retailer category.

Could you tell us a little about your organisation?
I setup Cambridge Saxophone five years ago when I moved to Cambridge from Bangor, Co Down. I had kept a number of my students from Northern Ireland on over Skype and I wanted to be able to offer resources for them as I’d taken on a position as Director of Music for a Parish Church and my teaching time was limited. I did my research and worked out ways I could offer video lessons for subscribers, allowing me to ‘sell my time more than once.’ One thing Steve Jobs and Bill Gates agreed on was that IT was yet to truly revolutionise education in the way it had done many other areas of our lives, I believe sites like Cambridge are doing this now!

What made you get involved in the CDAs?
I got involved in the CDA’s as a way of exploring how I could widen the appeal of my website and hopefully bring more students to the site.

What does winning gold at the CDAs mean to your organisation?
It inspires me to work even harder to deliver a inspiring, imaginative and innovative website to my customers.

Where will you be putting your award?
It’s on the wall in my studio, under a picture of me with three of my saxophone playing heroes, Chris Potter, Joshua Redman and Mark Turner.

What was your most memorable moment from the CDA presentation evening?
Convincing myself that as I was sat right at the back and hadn’t won anything, then to know as soon as the compare mentioned ‘Client Testimonials’ as the first thing the judges noticed, I knew I’d won.

What’s the best thing about the Cambridgeshire business community?
Constantly trying to improve – there is a recognition that there is something very special in the ‘Cambridge brand’ that speaks of high quality customer service and a first class product.

You can find out more about Cambridge Saxophone at their website here.