We’re delighted to have Distinctly as our Associate Sponsor for the second year running at the Hertfordshire Digital Awards.

Founded in 2009, Distinctly provide search marketing services including SEO, PPC and digital PR, which increase visibility, boost rankings and deliver fantastic results for clients including Arsenal Football Club, designer furniture retailer BoConcept and the University of Hertfordshire.

Ahead of the awards on September 21 at Knebworth House, we caught up with Tom Shurville, Managing Director of Distinctly, who shared his insights into advanced SEO tactics for 2017 and beyond.

In this final episode in a series of five Tom explains Survey Based Content. What is it and why you should take it seriously in your business.

What is Survey Based Content?

A key facet of linkable content, survey based content allows you to target specific demographics to ascertain key information and answer questions. This in turn allows you to create content which is tailored to be wholly relevant to the specific age, location and interests of a group, ensuring they are more likely to engage with it through interaction, shares and likes and most importantly, links.

Why do you need Survey Based Content?

With the abundance of repurposed content that exists online and the potential penalties such duplication may cause, creating unique content for your brand is more important than ever in order to build links and drive relevant traffic to your site.

Effective, structured survey data is one such way of doing this. Through detailed planning and research, you can produce content that is truly insightful, interesting and unique, all of which are essential in producing great content.

A survey is also an ideal way to establish authority and relevance in your industry, particularly if you are the first to respond to an event or national piece of breaking news by gauging the public’s opinion on it before anyone else has.

The resulting data can be turned into aesthetically appealing graphs and infographics, plus press releases which can be utilised across both print and digital PR activity, increasing visibility of and authority for your brand or business.

To find out more information about Survey Based Content, contact Distinctly, the experts by emailing [email protected] or calling 01923 728191.