Imperus Technologies Corporation – Tangelo Games

Imperus Technologies Corporation – Tangelo Games

23/10/2019 0 By Eduardo Steward

Formerly knowing as Imperus Technologies Corporation, Tangelo Games is a developer of social and mobile games for a variety of platforms. Tangelo Games was formed in 2015 via the acquisition of Diwip and Akamon Entertainment Millennium. The company operative headquarters in Barcelona and an additional presence in Tel Aviv and Toronto.

Imperus Technologies Corporation Company Background

Tangelo Games has more than 1,5 million monthly active users with the best social casino gaming experience through a broad portfolio of products across all verticals and platforms with a focus on both global and localised content. The current case of the company including of more than 90 top-ranked social casino-themed games including slots, bingo and traditional card games.

Imperus Technologies Corporation Investor Relations Contact

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