Betfair sportsbook

Betfair sportsbook

25/04/2018 0 By Josh Wheeler
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As my mate Tim would put it, Betfair Sportsbook is one of the most widely known bookmakers on the planet. And he is right. As a result of the revolution of betting exchange wagering and trading, Betfair played smart and decided to launch its sportsbook, which quickly gained a reputation and recognisability. And this was not only due to having an excellent offer of a superb range of both pre-match and in-play betting options and markets but also for promoting appealing money back and boosted odds offers.

Betfair Sportsbook is also known for the excellent entertainment experience it promotes which is impeccably suitable for players who want to enjoy a night out betting on different sports and feel at ease with pretty decent odds and stake limits. If your betting stakes are somewhere ranging from £10 and £100, Betfair Sportsbook will remain to be the spot-on place for placing your bets without worrying or bothering about account limits.

Betfair Sportsbook and Exchange

Betfair is a bit of an exceptional case that offers you the guilty pleasure of using it both as a betting exchange and as a Sportsbook through the same old’ single user account. One of its perks being that it endorses you in securing best price and raising your odds of bumping on a good betting value.

A bit on the upside here is that both the Betfair Exchange and the Sportsbook can be accessed with the same login credentials and your money is in safe hands in both. It’s basically like having accounts with two separate bookmakers but without all the hassle and for the price of one. Quite neat, right?

Speaking of quoite neat, Betfair recently merged with Paddy Power Sports to create one mega online sports betting company. Maybe William Hill sports are next?

Betfair Sportsbook UK

Betfair’s range when it comes to betting markets goes beyond any other in the industry. They even grant the ability to wager your bet in the sports book or against other players of the community. Betfair promotes two types of “trading”— cold trading and in-play trading with “cold traders going with the flow on the market and profit from its trends while ” in-play trading “allows placing bets and having fun right up to the final whistle or until passing the post.

Betfair UK punters know their stuff and why betting with Betfair brings the fun. It is the ability to both bet and lay outcomes, that gives UK bettors and traders incredible flexibility when wagering on Betfair.

Betfair Sportsbook Free Bet

The Betfair sign up bonus is definitely one of the most popular bookmakers offers currently available in the industry. Most of the competitors provide players with a single one-time bonus bet equal to the amount of the initial deposit. That’s not how Betfair Sportsbook does its magic.

The best way to explain how they do it is that for every £50/€50 wagered, players get £20/€20 Euros/GBP as a free bet. The wager must be placed as five singles, each made up of £10/€10 bets and they have to be at odds of at least 1.5 (1/2). This can be done up to five times, meaning players can get their hands on some fantastic £100 extra to play the rest of the night with.