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Codere Group was founded in 1980 by Martínez Sampedro family. The company started with its first product – AWP machines. Currently, Codere carries out its activity in five areas: gaming machines, gaming halls, sports betting, racetracks, and online games. Codere manufactures in Mexico, Argentina, Panama, Brazil, Spain, and Italy.

Codere Products

Gaming Machines

Gaming Machines are the main focus area of Codere Group. The machines located in Mexico, Spain, Italy, and Panama with 56,548 machines to give the best experience to the players. The different types of gaming terminals adapt to the characteristics of each market: AWP (Amusement With Prize) Machines, Casino Slots, Electronic Bingo Terminals (EBT), VLT (Video Lottery) Terminals, and Electronic Bingo.

Gaming Halls

Gaming Halls started operating first in Argentina with over 6,500 gaming machines in 14 rooms. Currently, Codere operates in 149 halls in Mexico, Spain, Italy, Columbia, Panama, and Argentina. The major investment of Codere Group lays on gaming halls.

Sports Betting

Codere has broad its experience in the sports betting business at the international level. The group provides high-quality services in Spain, Mexico, Panama, Uruguay Colombia, and Brazil. The group’ sports betting business focused on casinos, bingo halls, sports venues, hotels, etc. The retail offering is very similiar to that of William Hill.

Online Gaming

Online Gaming business of Codere Group established after the legalisation of the gambling industry in Italy. The group opened its first platform for Italian users in 2013. The second platform offered for Spanish players in 2014. Operating in the same geographic markets, 888 Holdings offer similiar products in online gaming.


Codere Group experienced in realising excellent events of racetracks. Currently, Codere Group operates in Mexico (Hipódromo de las Américas), Panama (Hipódromo Presidente Remón), Uruguay (Hipódromo Nacional de Maroñas), and Spain (Hipódromo de las Piedras).

Company Background

Codere is listed on the Madrid Stock Exchange as only Spanish gaming company. Going public on 19 October 2007, Codere Group carrying out its activity in this complex industry with total transparency and responsibility. In 2016, Codere Group signed the sponsorship agreement with Real Madrid Football Club. Codere announced that the company would be the Official Bookmaker of the club until 2020.

Codere Board of Directors

Norman Sorensen Valdez is a non-executive chairman of the Codere Company. He has an independent relationship with the company. Norman joined to the company since 2016, and his last appointment started in 2018. His other duties include acting as director of Insperity Inc. and Encore Capital Group Inc.

José Antonio Martínez Sampedro is director of the Codere Company. His first appointment to the company started in 1999, and the last call was in 2015.

Luis Javier Martínez Sampedro also fulfilled duties of the director. He has proprietary relations to the company. Luis joined the company in 1999 to his last appointment in 2015.

Masampe S.L. is the director of the Codere Group. He is presented by Pío Cabanillas Alonso. Masampes is chief global brand and marketing officer of Acciona S.A. Cabinet Minister. His first call was in 1998, and the last appointment was in 2014.

Manuel Martínez-Fidalgo Vázquez is one of the directors of the Codere Group. His last appointment to the company was from 2018. Manuel’s other duty is working in Houlihan Lokey as managing director.

David Reganato fulfils the position of director since 2018. His experience was working at Morgan Stanley in the investment banking division. David’s other duty is senior investment analyst at Silver Point Capital L.P.

Timothy Lavelle is one of the directors of Codere Group. His first assignment to the company was in 2016. Timothy is a senior investment Analyst with Silver Point Capital L.P.

Matthew Turner is director of the Group. He has an independent relationship to the Codere group since he joined in 2016. His last appointment started in 2018. He also director of Arcapita.

Codere Shareholders Information

Name Equities %
Silver Point Luxembourg Platform SARL 25,644,413 21.6%
José Antonio Martínez Sampedro 16,681,354 14.1%
Abrams Capital Management LP 10,340,355 8.72%
M&G Investment Management Ltd. 10,107,274 8.53%
Contrarian Capital Management LLC 8,557,955 7.22%
Evermore Global Advisors LLC 6,169,162 5.20%
Alden Global Capital LLC 4,742,532 4.00%
Invesco Asset Management Ltd. 3,511,770 2.96%
VR Global Partners LP 2,920,022 2.46%
Turnpike Ltd. (Cayman Islands) 2,629,174 2.22%

Codere Investor Relations Contact

Department of the Investor Relations
Phone.: +(34) 91 354 28 19
Phone.: +(34) 91 354 28 00
E-mail: [email protected]

Edificio CODERE
Avda. de Bruselas, 26
28108 Alcobendas (Madrid)