MGT Capital Investments

MGT Capital Investments

19/09/2019 0 By Josh Wheeler
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Founded in 1979 MGT Capital Investment Inc. is now a bitcoin mining company headquartered in Durham, North Carolina. The first bitcoin minion of the company began in September 2016, a Washington State facility. The additional mining facilities were opened in Northern Sweden and Colorado, USA.

MGT Capital Investments Company Background

MGT Capital Investment Inc. owned and operated approximately in 6800 a leased facility located in Quincy, Washington; Sweden. The primary income of the company comes from the keeping 10% of our mined Bitcoins for the long term investments and on the transaction fees.

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MGT Capital Investments Board of directors

Robert Ladd is director of the board of directors of MGT Capital Investments inc since December 2010. Since then he took several executive positions such as Interim President and CEO, Interim Treasurer and Interim Chief Financial Officer. Additionally, he serves as Managing Member of Laddcap Value Advisors, LLC.

Independent director of MGT Capital Investment Inc. Michael Onghai was appointed in May 2012. His other duties including the role of CEO of LookSmart, founder of AppAddictive, President of Snowy August Management LLC, founder of Stock Sheet, Inc., and Daily Stocks, Inc.

H. Robert Holmes is Interim President & CEO Chairman of the Board & Independent Director since May 2012. He took various positions in Dejour Industries, Gilford Partners Hedge Fund, Gilford Securities, Inc, Paine Webber and Merrill Lynch.

MGT Capital Investments Investor Relations Contact

512 S. Mangum St
Suite 408
Durham, NC 27701
Office: (914) 630-7430
Investor Relations: (919) 378-1788

Dominique Villanueva
[email protected]